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Summersalt Happy Hour 7.0

The Glowing Grapefruit Gimlet

The perfect cocktail to help you beat the summer heat waves.

  • A simple
  • cocktail that's
  • oh so refreshing.

Katie Williamsen's here to share the perfect recipe for a summer cocktail that will help you beat the heat!


It’s been a hot few weeks in my neck of the woods, to say the least. Record highs and excessive heat warnings are everyday occurrences. Taking a dip in the pool or kickin’ back (in the AC) with a Glowing Grapefruit Gimlet in hand have been high on my to do list lately. This is the perfect summer cocktail - it’s simple and oh so refreshing. You don’t need a ton of ingredients or special liquors to make this summer thirst quencher.


 - 1.5 oz gin

 - 1.5 oz ruby red grapefruit juice

 - 1 oz simple syrup ( instructions below)

 - Pinch of coarse salt

Step 1.0

Before you mix up your gimlet, make a batch of simple syrup. Mix 1 cup water and 1 cup sugar in a small sauce pan. Turn the heat to medium high and wait for the water to come to a boil. When all of the sugar has dissolved remove from heat to cool.

Step 2.0

Fill a highball glass with ice. To give the drink a hint of salty sweetness, add a pinch of coarse salt. Add all ingredients and mix gently.

Step 3.0

Garnish your Glowing Grapefruit Gimlet with a piece of grapefruit peel and enjoy! This is the perfect summer happy hour cocktail to sip alone or with a group of friends after a long week of work. Cheers!

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The Sidestroke Cocktail

Katie is a web strategist and designer.  She’s passionate about helping Boss Ladies create pretty + functional websites that work for them and sharing her knowledge with others. Katie’s not strategizing with clients or blogging, she’s spending time with my husband, Chad, and their pup Hobbes. She love to travel, create craft cocktails, throw parties and receive snail mail.


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