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Sweet and Sassy Fresh Raspberry Vodka Lemonade

A new spin on the classic vodka lemonade!

  • Sweet,
  • sassy
  • and delicious.

Hi! It's Erin from The Wooden Skillet blog and I am here sharing the recipe for a new spin on the classic vodka lemonade. My favorite part of this recipe is the fresh raspberries!


 - 8oz of lemonade
 - 6-8 fresh raspberries
 - 2 slices of fresh lemon
 - 1.5-2oz of vodka

Step 1.0

Add raspberries to glass and smash with the end of a fork.

Step 2.0

Pour vodka on top of the raspberries.

Step 3.0

Add lemonade and stir. Garnish with lemon slices and add ice, if desired.

Step 4.0

This also makes a gorgeous pitcher, if you are serving a crowd!  I would recommend combining 55-60oz lemonade, 1 sliced lemon, 20-25 raspberries and some ice.  Leave that out for your guests to drink as plain raspberry lemonade and then also have vodka and some extra raspberries so they can make a Sweet and Sassy Fresh Raspberry Lemonade cocktail if they wish!


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Erin is the creator, photographer, stylist and recipe developer behind The Wooden Skillet - her own little corner of the world where she gets to explore new recipes and culinary experiments and learn and perfect culinary techniques and tricks.


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