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Summersalt Happy Hour 1.0

The Rhu-Berry Splash

The perfect cocktail to sip by the pool with friends, entertain guests, or enjoy by yourself for a night in.

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Our girl Zoey Jean is here to share with us her delicious spin on a classic rhubarb-berry lemonade and we can't wait to try it.


Hi friends! I'm all about Rhubarb EVERYTHING, so I decided to put a cocktail spin on my favorite Rhubarb-Berry Lemonade! It's perfect for any occasion. To make 3 of these cocktails you'll need:

- 1 & 1/4 cups of fresh, chopped Rhubarb,

- 1 cup of frozen mixed berries (I love using strawberries & blackberries),

- 1/2 cup of coconut sugar (I use coconut sugar, but any sugar of your choosing will do!),

- 1 liter of Trader Joe's Sparkling Lemonade (or any carbonated lemon bevy!)

- and to make it all chill...can't forget the ICE!

Step 1.0

The first step to making this savory drink is to prepare the rhubarb/berry syrup that you'll add into the lemonade! This can be a slower process - waiting for the ingredients to boil down - but it gives you a nice moment to tidy up your kitchen or do anything else you might need to before your guests arrive!

In a small/medium sized pot, add the rhubarb, berries, and sugar. Leave on the LOWEST heat setting - after about 10 minutes you'll see a deep red syrupy mixture starting to form. Stir it up a bit and let it keep sitting. You won't break down ALL the berries and rhubarb, but you know it's finished when you have a good amount of the liquid covering the remaining bits. This usually takes about 30 minutes.

Step 2.0

You'll then need to take a fine mesh strainer, and place it over a bowl or large mason jar to strain the liquid from the remaining berries & rhubarb. I usually press into the mixture with a spoon once it's in the strainer in order to get every last bit of juice out of the remaining berries and rhubarb. Once separated, you should have about 3/4 cup of the rhubarb/berry juice mixture. This allows for 1/4 of the mixture to be put into each drink!

Step 3.0

Prepare your glasses with ice and 1 to 1 & 1/2 cups of sparkling lemonade. Add a shot of Vodka, 1/4 cup of rhubarb berry juice, and stir it all up! You can totally put all these ingredients into a shaker as well for optimum flavor blending. This recipe can also be easily altered to make Rhubarb Berry Margaritas as well! An easy non-alcoholic version would mean swapping the sparkling lemonade with fresh lemon juice & adding a portion of water instead of vodka - still summery and refreshing!

Meet Zoey Jean

Zoey is a photographer, content creator, and founder of the lifestyle brand Luminous. She is endlessly inspired to capture & share ordinary moments of truth and beauty through photography in hopes of inspiring others in personal, connective ways, and strives to help people embrace the realness of who they are, because everyone has value.


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